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Exploration and thinking of packaging engineering education (Part 2)

3 Analysis and thinking of talent training process

to achieve the training goal of professional talents, it needs a long and complex process, which can be achieved through the reasonable allocation and organic combination of various resources (including human and material resources), as well as the joint efforts of teachers and students and all parties. The process of achieving the goal can be through various forms (modes) and channels, but it must follow the objective law of talent training and education. The focus of professional talent training is the cultivation of professional ability and comprehensive quality, which must be based on generous and solid theoretical knowledge. Theory teaching is a very important teaching link in higher education. The theory of any course is the summary and distillation of the practical experience that the technology of making 3D printing materials from waste plastics still needs to be studied. It is a true portrayal of the existence and development law of objective things. It is the foundation of ability cultivation and the source of intellectual development. Therefore, in the process of talent training, any view and practice that belittles theory is one-sided. Theory is the foundation of creating ability, but there are many different kinds of theoretical knowledge, and the ability is strong. Knowledge must be transformed into skills and abilities through long-term and repeated practical activities. Practice is the link and bridge to realize the transformation of knowledge into ability. Therefore, paying attention to theoretical learning, strengthening practical training, and strengthening the connection between theory and practice are important guarantees for talent training. Follow the training law of theory practice ability quality, It is the only way to cultivate talents

in the long-term education and teaching process, our school is also constantly exploring and summarizing. Although we have made some achievements, there are also many difficulties and problems:

A. although the integration, optimization and mutual connection of various courses are considered in the teaching plan, it is difficult to fully understand and implement the requirements of the teaching plan because the teachers come from different disciplines and majors in the teaching process, and professional basic courses are often taught according to the routine, Without combining the characteristics of disciplines and majors, the phenomenon of professional courses acting in their own way, students feel that they have learned a lot of courses after learning, but the knowledge is messy and not impressed deeply. This requires that in addition to strengthening communication between teachers, learning from each other's strengths and constantly enriching their knowledge structure, teachers should also choose or add some comprehensive courses, such as packaging process, packaging factory design, etc., to integrate the knowledge learned, or through professional course design Graduation design and other practical links to deepen the understanding, synthesis and application of the knowledge learned

b. technology and art. We add some LDPE and Poe to increase the compatibility of the two components. Machine combination is the prominent feature of this discipline and specialty. Engineering teachers and art teachers should unify their understanding, strengthen cooperation, overcome their respective prejudices, and educate people with unified design concepts

c. it is expected to strengthen practical teaching links and pay attention to students' intellectual development and ability training. At present, most college education is carried out in a closed or semi closed environment. The cultivation of students' professional skills and abilities is mainly achieved through various practical links in the school. In many practical links, all kinds of teaching experiments, curriculum design, and graduation design instruments that use the bridge method to test the principle continue to be used and developed, which is very important for students' intellectual development and ability cultivation, In particular, curriculum design and graduation design are the process of comprehensive application of learned knowledge and creative thinking. Through this process, students' ability and level can be objectively tested and judged, and the deficiencies of their learned knowledge can be made up in time; The topic selection of graduation design should be closely related to the current production and scientific research practice, and the breadth of the topic; Depth and difficulty should have certain requirements, so that students can fully tap their potential, mobilize their subjective initiative, and achieve the desired purpose

d. in the expanded teaching content or the second classroom, we should strengthen the knowledge of economics and management, especially the knowledge of technical economics; So that students, whether engaged in design work or other technical and economic work in the future, can think and analyze problems from the perspective of economics, so as not to become pure technical and scholar intellectuals, and play a timely role in introducing the development trend and scientific and technological trends of the packaging industry at home and abroad in the teaching process; So that students' thinking can keep up with the pace of the times

e. the shortage of teaching resources; The single form of running a school restricts the cultivation of packaging engineering talents. Although the emerging disciplines and majors of packaging engineering in China in the current month have developed rapidly in recent years, except for a few colleges and universities with relatively strong school running strength due to subjective and objective conditions, many colleges and universities have not very ideal school running conditions, with insufficient investment and lack of resources to varying degrees. In addition, after the national undergraduate major adjustment in the late 1990s, although the major is still retained, the master's degree of the discipline has been withdrawn, This undoubtedly damages the teaching enthusiasm of teachers and students, and affects the quality of running schools to varying degrees; According to the characteristics of this discipline, students should often go to society, enter enterprises for research and internship, and closely combine on campus education and off campus education, but it is often difficult to achieve due to the lack of school funds and the self blockade of some enterprises. At present, many university education is still carried out in closed or semi closed conditions, and the contradiction between the quality of talents (especially applied talents) and market demand has not been well solved. The author believes that we should advocate the diversification and multi-channel of higher education, such as running schools by social forces, joint schools and enterprises, and explore new ways of talent training. In addition, under the current school running mode and credit system, can students leave school and choose jobs in advance after completing the main courses (i.e. after the third academic year), return to school to choose some courses and participate in the graduation project (the topic can be selected according to their own work needs) after half a year of internship in the work unit, and return to work after completing the required credits. In this way, it may be better to teach students in accordance with their aptitude and combine learning with application, Of course, this will involve the current system and employment mechanism of schools and employers. Whether it is realistic can be discussed


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