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Explanation of bearing in grinding technology

in the grinding process of bearing, its working surface is ground by high-speed rotating grinding wheel. Therefore, if the equipment is not operated and adjusted according to the operation instructions during grinding, various defects will appear on the working surface of bearing, which will affect the overall quality of bearing. During precision grinding of bearings, due to the high requirements for roughness, it is reported that the tensile testing machine on the surface can be roughly divided into pendulum tensile testing machine and intelligent tensile testing machine. The grinding traces on the surface can often be observed with the naked eye, and there are mainly the following kinds of grinding traces

the cross helix trace appears. The reason for this trace is mainly due to the poor flatness of the generatrix of the grinding wheel and the concave convex phenomenon. During grinding, the grinding wheel is only in partial contact with the workpiece. When the workpiece or the grinding wheel moves back and forth several times, the cross helix will reappear in the workpiece and can be observed by the naked eye

the pitch of these spiral lines is related to the workpiece table speed and workpiece speed, which promote the development, production and utilization of ceramic aluminum new materials in diesel engines and their parts. At the same time, it is also related to the non parallelism of the axis line of the grinding wheel and the guide rail of the workbench

(I) the main reasons for the formation of helix

1. the grinding wheel is poorly trimmed, the corners are not chamfered, and the coolant is not used for trimming

2. There is too much lubricating oil in the guide rail of the worktable, which causes the worktable to float if the relevant parts do not meet the requirements and are put into use

3. the accuracy of the machine tool is poor

4. excessive grinding pressure, etc

(II) there are reasons for the formation of helix

1. The rigidity of V-shaped guide rail is not good. When grinding, the grinding wheel offsets, but the edge of the grinding wheel contacts the working surface

2. When trimming noisy wheels, the reversing speed of the workbench is unstable and the accuracy is not high, so that the trimming of a certain edge of the grinding wheel is slightly less

3. the rigidity of the workpiece itself is poor

4. There are broken and peeled sand particles on the grinding wheel and iron filings under workpiece grinding on the surface of the grinding wheel. Therefore, the trimmed grinding wheel should be washed or brushed with cooling water

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