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Volvo Group once again won the "Multinational Corporation China Contribution Award"

volvo group again won the "Multinational Corporation China Contribution Award"

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Guide: Recently, the global leader in commercial transportation solutions Volvo Group was awarded the 2010 Multinational Corporation China contribution award, This is the third consecutive year that Volvo Group China, as a leader in the commercial transportation industry, has been ranked among the top 100 multinational companies in China. This year, Volvo Group is on this list

recently, Volvo Group, the global leader of commercial transportation solutions, was awarded the "2010 Multinational Corporation China Contribution Award", which is the third consecutive year that Volvo Group China has ranked among the "top 100 multinational corporations in China contribution list" as a leader in the commercial transportation industry. This year, Volvo Group's ranking in this list rose again, ranking 23rd

as one of the important awards to evaluate the performance of multinational companies in China, this award was hosted by China Enterprise News Agency and China enterprise CSR Research Center, and received the support of many government agencies such as the multinational company research center of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, the environmental workers association of the Ministry of environmental protection of China, and important media at home and abroad such as Xinhua news agency, China News Agency, wall street

"we are very pleased to win this award again." Ms. Jiang LAN, vice president of Volvo Group China, said, "It is an affirmation of Volvo Group's long-term commitment to providing excellent and sustainable commercial transportation solutions in China. Our efforts not only create highly competitive advantages for Chinese partners, promote the local influence and internationalization of China's commercial transportation and engineering machinery industry, but also promote the benign development of local communities and environment."

enhance the long-term competitiveness of Chinese partners

Volvo Group is the world's leading provider of commercial transportation solutions. It occupies a leading position in the world in the major business areas such as trucks, passenger cars, construction equipment, marine and industrial engines and power systems, and aviation industry, which have become a pillar of the functional industry of changing experimental machines according to springs. Based on its innovative model of whole industry chain operation and operation, which focuses on product development, production and sales, supplemented by finance, information, technology, procurement and logistics services, Volvo Group provides global customers with comprehensive and leading commercial transportation solutions. Chinese customers also benefit from this

Volvo Group established its first Chinese office, Volvo truck Beijing Representative Office, in Beijing in 1992. Today, all business areas and business departments of the group have entered China, covering more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, with nearly 5000 employees in China

Volvo Group has followed the rich heritage of more than 80 years. With international leading market experience, it also adheres to the core values of "quality, safety and environmental protection" in China. By providing products and services with excellent quality and containing cutting-edge technology, and sharing forward-looking operation concepts and market information, Volvo Group helps Chinese partners improve the efficiency and efficiency of operations, and can cope with the rapidly changing market challenges, so as to enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness of the industry under the trading volume of Beijing Tianjin Hebei building materials

promote the benign development of Chinese communities and environment

Volvo Group believes that creating value for customers and actively undertaking society can promote the sustainable development of itself and the community. Therefore, while developing its business in China, Volvo Group also pays attention to repay the Chinese society and makes unremitting efforts in improving the natural and social environment

Volvo Group knows that commercial transportation is the lifeblood of economic activities, and the implementation of infrastructure construction is related to the livelihood of the people. Due to the extensive impact of the industry, a lot of resources and efforts are needed to ensure its harmonious development with the surrounding environment. To this end, Volvo Group adheres to the attitude of "respect", takes "people" as the primary starting point, and treats every partner, end-user and community residents negatively

in addition to using innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology to improve quality and safety, Volvo Group also actively participated in various activities to control climate change initiated by spontaneous or international organizations by reducing carbon emissions, taking materials at the outermost edge, 1/2r, and the center of the riser side end face of forgings, carrying out experimental analysis, developing sustainable products, and improving operational efficiency, Efforts should be made to reduce the adverse impact of production activities and products on the environment

moreover, Volvo firmly advocates the healthy development of society and natural environment through its practice and commitment in the fields of education, sports, culture, science and technology. In the field of education, Volvo Group has made every effort to support the construction of hope primary schools in poor areas, and supported the training of rural teachers through the "Volvo blue love" project. In the field of sports, due to the active promotion of the group, the golf event Volvo China open and the world's top sailing event Volvo Ocean Race have come to China one after another, and have become landmark activities advocating a quality lifestyle with far-reaching implications

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