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Volvo l250g wheel loader: self-contained

Guide: Volvo Construction equipment l250g wheel loader meets the market demand of 35 ton heavyweight loader. In the design, taking into account the stringent requirements of quarry loading and reprocessing, l250g was built into a heavy vehicle with sufficient power and large bucket. The new strength and durability can make this It will still be a promising sunrise industry in China. The l250g wheel loader of Volvo Construction equipment company meets the market demand of 35 ton heavyweight loaders. In the design, taking into account the stringent requirements of quarry loading and reprocessing, l250g was built into a heavy vehicle with sufficient power and large bucket. The new strength and durability enable the car to load more materials in a shorter time, making it more efficient and productive. Volvo's optimization of its large wheel loaders has enhanced the lifting force and traction of the vehicle, and the penetration of the bucket has also been improved

l250g wheel loader continues the fashionable design of its G series products, but its new engine and transmission system make l250g more efficient, lower emissions, smoother, more applications and more comfortable handling. L250g wheel loader also has strong Z-shaped loader linkage, which enables it to have greater excavation force to deal with hard surfaces. The heavy linkage of the equipment, the boom and cylinder can also provide strong lifting force and fast hydraulic response to speed up the working cycle

l250g wheel loader

optimize the reaction of the engine

l250g wheel loader is equipped with an oil-saving and sensitive engine, which can perfectly cooperate with the transmission, hydraulic and lifting systems designed and produced by Volvo. The improved engine is equipped with a six cylinder, 13 liter off highway in-line turbocharged diesel engine to respond to the engine's high-pressure pump nozzle system

the engine power is 291 kW (396 HP), which can provide high torsional load at low speed. D13 engine not only fully complies with the regulatory requirements in terms of emissions, but also takes the lead in the industry in terms of fuel saving. In particular, people's acceptance and re monopoly understand that it is strengthening the level. When the engine is running at low speed, the rotating load and power of the engine will not exceed the load of the engine, which can prolong the service life of the engine and reduce fuel consumption and noise

when necessary, there is a powerful hydraulic system

when necessary, the load hydraulic induction system provides power for the hydraulic pressure, eliminating unnecessary pumping process. With Volvo's variable flow axial piston pump, the lifting force and dumping capacity of the loader are more prominent. These piston pumps fit perfectly with the engine and traditional system, so that the engine can maintain the loader's agile and accurate movement and strong penetration at low speed

in order to obtain the best performance, Volvo has made a special design for the powertrain. The engine, transmission, power transmission system and hydraulic system are optimized so that they can not only match each other, but also ensure the best performance and reliability. Volvo's heavy-duty wet brake shaft can extend the service life of the loader, and the axle housing bears the load of the whole equipment, reducing the pressure on the propeller and axle

l250g wheel loader's transmission applies the company's concept of automatic shift transmission system (APS), which ensures that the loader is always in the best gear through the joint action of induction engine and driving speed, governor, engine braking and other factors. The automatic shift system provides the operator with 1-4 full-automatic shifts, with lower fuel consumption and less wear, making the work more effective

the maximum fuel saving is 15%

optishift is a new system, which is composed of a torque converter (hydraulic transmission) with locking function and a freewheel stator. When combined with Volvo's patented technology - reverse braking function (RBB), it can not only effectively reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%, but also increase the selection points and precautions of horizontal tensile testing machine, operator comfort and durability of transmission system. When turning from forward to reverse (or vice versa), the reverse braking function applies not the torque exchanger, but the standard service brake to stop the machine, thereby reducing the pressure on the exchanger and transmission. Optishift system can significantly reduce fuel consumption during operation (such as loading and transportation) and fast cycle loading. The locking function of the powertrain increases the reaction speed of the drive, improves traction, dumping performance and fuel efficiency

the industry-leading caring cab

l250g wheel loader is equipped with the latest generation of Volvo caring cab, which continues and carries forward the legend of Volvo cab. The cab is rops/fops certified, with spacious interior space and excellent vision. The tail of the equipment and the edge of the bucket can be clearly seen. All control instruments are located in the center of the cab. All controls are readily available. Efficient air management and filtration system enables operators to breathe fresh and clean air. In short, the operator can work in a comfortable, clean, low noise and low vibration environment. The servo system is set on the operator's seat, and there are many operations to choose from, such as return to dig and boom kick out. These operations make the function of repeated operation of the loader more accurate. In order to encourage the operator to work more smoothly, the accelerator pedal adopts an appropriate amount of back pressure to support the low fuel consumption operation technology. The car is also equipped with selective joystick control and shift control system, namely "comfortable driving control method". This operation method can liberate the operator from the tired arm movement and improve the efficiency under the fast cycle working state

real time information = real benefits

g series is equipped with advanced electronic monitoring and diagnosis system, which can prolong its service life, improve the running time of the machine and maximize the production capacity. G series gets the engine, converter and brake through the electronic monitoring of contronics, so as to identify the real-time and accurate information of the impact of single 1 condition change on the finished product; Once a problem occurs, it will send a warning to the operator through the bright and readable panel. At the same time, matrix system is also recording and analyzing the relevant information of loader operation and operation. Vcads PRO system allows the loader to debug the applicability of specific applications

g series vehicles are easy to maintain. There are routine quick inspections before starting, and the scheduled maintenance items can also be easily combined for inspection. L250g wheel loader is equipped with a newly designed engine hood, which can provide better ventilation effect for the engine compartment. The engine hood is electrically controlled and can be opened backward, so that the engine can be cleaned and maintained conveniently and quickly. Centralized lubrication on the ground level can reduce the time spent on maintenance. The replacement of consumables such as filters is also very convenient

love l250g wheel loader

l250g wheel loader has many Volvo buckets to choose from to adapt to different applications. The newly designed recovery bucket can fill the bucket faster and more effectively, which can help save fuel by up to 10%. The loader will be manufactured with the same quality as other parts of the equipment. Cooperate with Volvo's grounding parts and protection, convenience and safety devices to ensure the best performance of l250g wheel loader

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