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Volvo: Sanya announces the crew lineup and unveils the true face of the new ship

Volvo: Sanya announces the crew lineup and unveils the true face of the new ship

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Guide: on August 6, 2011, the only Chinese fleet or sub bearing steel, carbon bonded steel, spring steel, silicon steel, etc. in the Volvo round the world yacht race; Mike Sanderson, the captain and CEO of Sanya, and his crew proudly showed the world the new face of Sanya. After an unprecedented short period of one and a half months, Sanya has not only recruited one

on August 6, 2011, Mike Sanderson, the captain and CEO of Sanya, the only Chinese fleet in the Volvo round the wld yacht race, and his crew proudly showed the world the brand-new look of Sanya

in an unprecedented short period of one and a half months, Sanya not only recruited a group of world-class excellent crew, but also completed the re transformation and re naming of Sanya, the Volvo 70 open class "battleship". Thanks to this, China's Hainan "Sanya" can successfully embark on its maiden voyage on August 7, 2011

captain Mike announced today that 9 of the 11 crew members, They will become the "Sanya" in the upcoming Volvo round the wld yacht race Official members:

crew of Sanya

captain Mike Sanderson

Cameroon Dunn first mate

Chris Mann main first mate

Axel Madol Aksel magdahl navigator

Richard Mason helmsman

David sweet * helmsman

Andy McClain Andy Meiklejohn, fleet Technical Director/front oarsman

Ryan Hughes Don Ryan houston* front oarsman

Frankie Leonard media crew

the other two vacant crew members are currently being actively recruited

captain Mike made such comments on all the crew members recruited at present: "Although the formation process of our Sanya fleet started very late, I am very satisfied with the situation of the crew and shore support personnel currently recruited. Although at the beginning, we did not deliberately recruit young crew members, but now it seems that our team members are young and energetic, with an average age of only 33 years old, while I am an old captain who is 40 years old! Our recruitment standard is not only to find the best in all positions during navigation The best professional players also value the quality that can bring novelty and innovative elements to the whole fleet. At present, the fleet still has two empty loading speed settings. The loading speed of the electronic universal experimental machine is generally adjustable, and the first Chinese candidate has its own advantages and disadvantages in the structure of these fixtures. The "tiger" has joined the training for a week, and he will participate in the fast Knight race with us. On the whole, everything went smoothly as planned. "

today, the crew of Sanya, dressed in Norwegian sports brand Helly Hansen navigation equipment, lined up in front of world media and global fans. The brand-new equipment will accompany the crew to participate in the first race (Fastnet race next week) and undergo running in and testing, so as to meet the nine month voyage of Volvo round the wld yacht race

today, the Sanya "battleship" also unveiled its impressive new image to the world for the first time. Both the hull and sail use the colorful urban primary colors of Sanya, a tropical coastal tourist resort in China, to paint its eight color city logo on the Sanya ship like a colorful pen sweeping across the sky. At the same time, the colorful colors also represent the tail of Sanya City and the traditional auspicious bird of the Chinese nation - Phoenix, symbolizing the high flying of Sanya. Sanya, the southernmost Resort and leisure resort in China, also takes advantage of the excellent platform of the Volvo regatta to become the only port of call in China, which will enhance its city image, expand the international market, and show tourists all over the world who love tourism, beaches and oceans a resort where China should start from their own perspectives

there will be a week to go into the water for debugging and training before the "Sanya" plays in the Rolex cup Fastnet on August 14. In this race, "Sanya" will first compete against the two strong rivals in this Volvo round the wld Yacht Race: Abu Dhabi and Groupama

captain Mike is cautious about the competition of this Fastnet race. He said, "our ship has just left the factory, so this race is just a warm-up for us to see the performance of the ship and all aspects of preparation. No matter what the result of this race is, it is enough to set foot on the starting line. You know, just five weeks ago, our Sanya was just another family child."

Volvo Group China Ms. Jiang LAN, vice president of group communications/brand of Volvo (China) Investment Co., Ltd., also attended the scene and said: "As the only Chinese fleet and the latest participating vessel, Sanya has completed all the work from the formation of the fleet to the transformation of the warship in one and a half months. The close and efficient cooperation results let us once again see the determination and confidence of Sanya to win the first world-class ocean shipping event for China. I wish Sanya a a a smooth water test and success in the nine month long voyage." Excellent results in the official competition. " Ms. Jiang LAN is also the chief representative of China for Volvo round the wld yacht race

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