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Volvo's new interpretation of "building the future" reshapes the brand concept of sustainable development

Volvo's new interpretation of "building the future" reshapes the brand concept of sustainable development

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Volvo Construction Equipment released a new brand plan, emphasizing the company's concept of "building an ideal life together"

build the future

on December 7, 2016, Sweden - Volvo Construction equipment recently released a brand plan called "build the future", showing the company's continuous promotion of sustainable development to the outside world

this plan will run through 2017 and consists of a series of short film stories, which introduce the application of Volvo equipment in innovative construction projects. "Building an ideal life together is an ambitious declaration, which is completely consistent with the sustainable development vision of Volvo Construction equipment." The theme of this exhibition is "innovation driven development", said Martin weissburg, President and CEO of Volvo Construction equipment

the first film in this series is now online. It tells the story of Volvo equipment being used to build the landmark building in northern Sweden - "Icehotel". In this area, the temperature can drop to minus 40 degrees Celsius in winter. Since 1989, ice hotel has been collecting ice blocks in the nearby Torne river with the help of Volvo equipment, and has built hotel buildings year after year. This year, the ice and snow hotel has raised the concept of sustainable development to a new level - its newly built icehotel365 - a hotel completely built of ice will be cooled by solar energy and open all year round. This undoubtedly makes the ice and Snow Hotel on the road to zero carbon dioxide emissions and a big step in the processing and calculation of the collected data

bill law, vice president of Volvo Construction equipment enterprise communications, said: "The reason why we tell the story of ice and snow hotel in brand planning is that it contains the Swedish language inherited by Volvo brand, and will also provide more high-quality, more efficient, safe and reliable innovative solutions for the construction, wind energy and corrosion protection markets in China and the Asia Pacific region. It is an innovative project, representing Sweden's unique national culture, and more importantly, it also interprets the 'common building ideal' of Volvo Construction equipment The concept of 'life'

build the future this series of short films will end with the brand shadow 2.2 ignition source location film "good morning, tomorrow", which will focus on a series of user stories and introduce how they can build a better future for the whole society through hard work

heading for prosperity

this brand planning not only advocates the concept of "building a better and more sustainable world", but also reflects the profound heritage of Volvo brand and its leading position in safety, quality and environmental protection. At the same time, "building the future" also highlights the contribution of Volvo Construction equipment to the success of users and the company. "It is foreseeable that this brand planning can promote the business development of Volvo users. At the same time, we also hope to encourage more people to work together to create a sustainable future," said Niklas nillroth, vice president of Volvo Construction equipment environment and sustainable development

"the world is constantly developing and customer needs are constantly changing. We hope that through this people-oriented way, Volvo can make people's lives around the world different now and in the future. We firmly believe in a sustainable future. By working with customers, we will turn this vision into reality." Bill law concluded. (this article is from Volvo)

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