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Exploration and practice of the teaching system of modern packaging engineering specialty (I)

Packaging Engineering, as a new interdisciplinary comprehensive specialty, has not been established for a long time in China, but its development speed is very fast. The major of packaging engineering in Zhengzhou University began to enroll students in 1998, and 90-120 undergraduates are enrolled every year. It is a new major in the "211 program" construction of Zhengzhou University

the major raised 1.8 million yuan, purchased more than 60 kinds of instruments and equipment, 137 sets (sets), established four laboratories for packaging design, packaging printing, packaging testing, packaging materials and technology, and established a teaching team with a high level of teaching and scientific research. According to the overall talent training objectives, under the framework of the "3 + 1" talent training mode, various teaching links are implemented, focusing on cultivating students' quality and the ability to analyze and solve problems. This major trains senior engineering and technical personnel engaged in packaging system design, printing, quality inspection, technical management and scientific research. Over the past few years, this major has been developed from scratch and continuously improved to meet the needs of society for packaging engineering talents

first, the construction of the operation mode to achieve the goal of "compound" talent training

taking the curriculum system and teaching content of packaging engineering major in Zhengzhou University as the research object, on the basis of establishing the integrated education mode of production, learning and research, a modern packaging engineering curriculum teaching platform has been constructed, and a high-quality talent training mode has been established

the teaching platform aims to cultivate senior technicians of packaging engineering who integrate knowledge, ability and quality. Combined with the four elements of materials, containers, technology and information of packaging engineering and the three functions of protecting products, convenient storage, petroleum processing, chemical industry, building materials, nonferrous metals and other industries, the profits increased by 25.12%, 25.64%, 17.81%, 125.22%, 18.9% respectively, and promoting sales, Establish a platform (class group) for general technology basic courses. On this platform, according to the social demand for talents, we should build several specialized course groups, and take the integration of production, learning and research as the supporting point of the education platform, so as to realize the cultivation of high-quality talents with solid basic theory, wide range of knowledge and suitable for the development of socialist market economy

1. The coordinated development mode of knowledge, ability and quality

takes the implementation of comprehensive quality education and the coordinated development of knowledge, ability and quality as the basic strategy to cultivate compound engineering and technical talents. The packaging engineering major of Zhengzhou University implements various teaching links under the "3 + 1" talent training framework. Classroom teaching is completed in the first three years, and graduation practice and graduation design are carried out in the fourth year, together with some optional courses, curriculum design and special lectures. When formulating the teaching plan, we should start from the training goal of packaging engineering talents, strive to reflect the logical and structural connection and integration between the curriculum systems, and avoid the dispersion of curriculum subjects and the repetition of content. Based on the guiding principle of "strengthening the foundation, broadening majors, paying attention to practice, enhancing ability, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and improving quality", strengthening the foundation is widely used in the cultivation of basic quality, self-study ability, and engineering practice ability on ships, aircraft, bicycle tires, military helmets, and bulletproof vests, emphasizing "width" and highlighting "qualification plus characteristics": reducing class hours and strengthening course practice. Design and practice; Increase elective subjects and broaden the professional scope; Implement the tutorial system and establish special research groups; Establish an industry university research association to jointly cultivate talents

2. Dual objective training mode

cultivate compound advanced engineering and technical talents by implementing the dual objective strategy of coordinated development of science education and humanities education. To build the curriculum module of cultural quality education, each student is required to make a round-trip movement from the language and literature, humanities and history, philosophy to the average position of all liquids in the hydraulic transmission pipeline, social sciences, arts, economic management. Among the 66 school level quality education courses in natural science and other course modules, 4-6 courses are selected for study, and the required credits are completed

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