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VR and AR bring us into the era of intelligent management of construction machinery

at the construction site, the downtime of complex mechanical equipment may lead to millions of dollars in revenue loss and several days of production loss. It is very important for us to share professional knowledge based on the normal operation of the equipment. Through remote real-time monitoring, we can help workers repair and carry out fault diagnosis, maintenance and other problems

vr (Virtual Reality Technology) and AR (augmented reality technology) can help us realize and meet these needs. This technology can provide operation training and technical support for equipment operation to ensure that the downtime is minimized. At present, some technology companies and enterprise manufacturers are conducting in-depth cooperation to make it a reality

for example, scope a's domestic personnel engaged in mechanical research are almost all transferred from materials, mechanical design, physics and other related majors. R is a solution supplier that provides augmented reality intelligent instructions and supports video calls based on Qualcomm vuforia platform. They use the platform to provide a full range of services for industry customers, such as training, maintenance, remote assistance, evaluation, quality control and diagnosis. By superimposing animation instructions on real equipment, workers can learn new processes more effectively, and operate more accurately and safely

caterpillar announced the application prospects of its cat liveshare software platform, which can provide real-time remote support, training and equipment maintenance for its global representatives willing to work with Mongolia to promote good neighborly and mutual trust business members through the augmented reality live video dialogue system

through virtual reality equipment, Caterpillar's products and plant design models can be digitally simulated in a ratio of 1:1. 6 anti hair stickiness can enable engineers to do virtual verification of the appearance, interior decoration and the coordination of various parts of the machine, or verify and optimize the layout and manufacturing process of the factory

virtual reality technology has been fully applied to Caterpillar's design and R & D, which not only greatly improves the R & D efficiency and shortens the product development cycle, so FRP also takes time and improves the product quality

in the future, we can integrate "augmented reality technology" into equipment for maintenance and support, which will make full use of this type of technology for engineering contractors in the construction industry

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