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Trend technology: some Google play apps hide the coinhive mining tool

trend technology found that mining programs are hidden in a small number of Google play programs. These processes secretly use the computing resources on mobile devices for mining. Without the user's observation, the CPU utilization rate soars. Similar findings are found not only in Google play, but also in the Android program market of third parties

not only are many websites or browser extensions embedded with virtual currency mining tools, trend technology said this week that it has also found a number of Android programs with mining tools on Google play

trend technology has found many mobile programs with mining capabilities on Google play. These programs use dynamically loaded JavaScript and native code injection to avoid detection. Two of them use JavaScript miner from coinhive, one is the prayer program rectiamo Santo Rosario (below), and the other is the discount program safetynet wireless app

this JavaScript miner is run in the WebView used to replace the browser in these two programs, but because the default mode of WebView is invisible, it makes users unaware, but the CPU utilization will soar

in the case of carrying other mining tools, the mining function library was embedded in the legal action program, repackaged and redistributed, and a car wallpaper HD disguised as a tablecloth program was posted on Google play

in addition to Google play, there are many Android programs with built-in mining tools that appear in the Android program market of third parties. The focus of trend technology "is to highlight that even mobile devices with less CPU resources than personal computers will be used by hackers. Even if they can't bring a lot of revenue, it also reminds users to pay attention to the significant reduction of device performance after installing a program

according to the survey of trend technology, one hacker needs to have enough funds to support customers to exploit different virtual currencies using different Android programs at the same time. During the unknown period, he made a total profit of only $170 at the interior Lifestyle Exhibition, which opened at Tokyo Youming International Convention and Exhibition Center on June 1, 2016

when Google's low-carbon steel tightens, it will also yield, and Google has removed the relevant program from Google play after receiving the notice of the trend

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