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Hot melt hose some details that are easy to be ignored by everyone

usually people think that the hot melt hose is a conveying pipe in the hot melt glue machine system, which transports the liquid hot melt glue to the hot melt glue gun. It seems simple, but it's not. The hot melt rubber hose not only has the function of conveying, but also has the function of heating and heat preservation, so the hot melt can be confirmed in the actual work by the following methods: fixing the screw rod rubber hose with the right hand is one of the two major accessories that regulate the industry action in the hot melt rubber machine system. The routine maintenance methods should be clear to everyone. Today, nuosheng hot melt glue machine manufacturer wants to talk about some details that are easy to be ignored by everyone

1. Some hot-melt glue machines are equipped with several hot-melt glue tubes. Note that the glue tubes should be separated and cannot be overlapped

2. The hot melt hose cannot be pressed heavily to prevent the internal sensor, heating wire, Teflon tube, etc. from being crushed

3. When not in use, the hot-melt hose can hover together. Only the "fire performance" data measured in close proximity to the real fire scene can not be folded in half or 90 degrees

you should always pay attention to these small details of hot melt machine accessories to avoid damage. Shenzhen nuosheng company is a manufacturer of hot melt glue machine equipment with more than 20 years of research and development experience. The company pays attention to all details and avoids some human neglected faults

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